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Enjoy the peace and nature

Recreation in the mountains

At 1150m. altitude a wonderful view of the Eisack valley and the mountain scenery of the Dolomites opens up. Especially in the evening silence you can feel the power and vastness of nature. The eponymous center of Dreikirchen are three chapels from early Gothic times, whose origins are still in the dark. Whether these were preceded by a pagan spring sanctuary? In any case, the special charm of the place has been preserved.

As a car-free zone, Dreikirchen is closed to general traffic. We can be reached on foot or by mountain cab and the hustle and bustle remains in the valley. The Messnerhof is both the destination and starting point for numerous hikes. The Barbiano waterfalls, the Villandro or Barbiano alpine pastures with the Rittner Horn are just some of the many destinations that you can hike from our inn.